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My friend stumbled upon a company offering photobook services and asked me if I wanted to review one of their products. So here it is, a review of Saal Digital's photobook and their services. I decided to make a book for my wife's birthday.

The first thing to discuss is how easy it was to make the photobook. I had to download some software but this made the process nice and quick. The software was easy to use and provided a large amount of customisation.

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Secondly, the delivery and customer service from Saal is very good. They keep you informed throughout and the book came very quickly, even though it came from Germany. The printing must have been done very soon after I completed the photobook

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Finally, the actual photobook is of very high quality. The pages lie flat and the card is very thick indeed. If I was producing wedding albums, Saal Digital is certainly a company I would consider

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